Bounty Program

We are announcing a Bounty program for our clients!

What does this mean? This means you can earn money by completing simple tasks!

How much can I earn? You can earn 0.001 - 0.01 BTC or equivalent for completing simple tasks!

What tasks do I need to complete?
Youtube Video: To earn a minimum of 0.001 BTC ($4.00) or a max. of 0.01 BTC ($40.00) simply make a video review and post it to your Youtube channel! The channel must be business related and the video length should be at least 2 minutes. You should also have at least 300 subscribers. Explainer videos are welcome too! After posting the video simply send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the link & your username on our website. The bounty is paid upon results.

Forum Posts: Open Threads on business forums all over the web (including and others), and receive a bounty of from 0.001 BTC up to 0.10 BTC (up to $400). The bounty is paid upon results, and depends on the forum and the number of views / referrals. After posting please e-mail us to [email protected] with the link & your username on our website.

Creation & management of social groups: We also pay a bounty to create & manage groups on specific social networks, like VK and others. Please contact [email protected] for more information!

We only pay for one task / member, if you submit multiple entries (for example multiple videos) of one task into the bounty program, we will not pay multiple times, but only for the best task and it's results! Thank you for reading!

2019-01-02 18:30:36